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11+ exams can be stressful and they're definitley difficult. That's why we created this easily accessible pack of worksheets, with over 500 questions based directly off of past exam papers. We've studied previous papers, reports and mark schemes in order to collate this in-depth pack. It's the best way to prepare your child for their exams and they'll certainly be prepared if they can tackle these questions.


The format? Most worksheets come in the form:

10 Easy Questions, Multiple Choice

10 Medium Questions, Multiple Choice

10 Hard Questions, Multiple Choice

10 Worded Questions, Open Ended Answers


This format is desiged to help both you and your child see exactly what levels they're capable of as well monitor exactly which areas need some extra attention.


13 Worksheets Included:


Place Value

Ordering and Comparing Numbers

Writing Numbers

Prime Numbers and Prime Factors

Factors and Multiples

Powers and Roots

Even, Odd and Negative Numbers

Roman Neumerals







Answers for all included too.

11+ Maths Predicted Question Worksheets, 13 Worksheets & 500 Questions | Set A.

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